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HumaniTea proudly serves ART OF TEA brand teas


 HumaniTea proudly serves




Why did we choose this tea vendor?  Because they blends top quality, award winning tea. 


Do you know what's even better?  Arbor Teas works so closely with the growers, that they know the stories that go into each and every cup.  

Learn more about ARBOR TEAS


Every product tells a story. 

We choose to offer products that invest in the lives of each artisan in a holistic way that encompasses a mutual respect for their well-being, safety and livelihood.


Some of our brands combat trafficking by providing alternative employment, making communities less vulnerable to traffickers.  Other brands offer products that are made by survivors who are rebuilding their lives.  All of our products are responsibly sourced so that you get a quality product while knowing that your dollars are making a difference in a significant way. 


Your story intersects with the stories of survivors.  We think that is pretty awesome.  


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