BREWED TEA - Hot or Iced   ($3.00 / $3.50)

Explore our selection of more than 35 loose leaf teas to find the blend that is just right for you.
*See list below

TEA LATTES - Hot or Iced   ($4.30 / $4.70)

A creamy blend of tea & milk, frothed to perfection.  So many flavors, so little time...
*Any of our teas can be made into a latte. See list below

Featured latte flavors: 

  • White Coconut Creme

  • Chai

  • Chocolate Mint (choose white or dark chocolate!)

  • Matcha  ($4.70 / $5.00)

KOMBUCHA ON TAP   ($3.75 / $4.75)

A tart, sweet, lightly effervescent cold tea-based beverage.  Available by the glass or in growler and howler quantities. 

(Howler fill: $9.00 / Growler fill $14.00.  One-time jar purchase: $5.00)

MILK STEAMERS   ($4.00 / $4.50)

A hot, frothy, sweet luxury.  Available in a variety of flavors.  Try one in chocolate, caramel, or white chocolate vanilla!

SIPPING CHOCOLATE   (12 oz only - $6.00)

A decadent indulgence of shaved European chocolate melted into frothed milk.  

FLOWERING TEA   (16 oz only - $4.50)

A stunningly beautiful tea experience. Watch your tea blossom in your glass.  

LEMONADES   ($3.00 / $3.50)

A refreshingly tart beverage with a sweet finish.
Try one as an iced tea blend!

FARM-CRAFTED SODAS   (12 oz can - $3.00)

Tea infused with hops... all the hoppy of beer without the heavy of alcohol.  

COFFEE   (Coffee - $3.00 / Cafe au lait $4.30)

Offering ground-to-order aeropress & cafe au lait


Sweet, savory & scrumptious.  Visit our store to see today's selections.

HOPTEA   (16 oz can - $5.00)

Specialty sodas in Elderflower, Ginger, Root Beer, Espresso Root Beer, Orange Cream, and Black Cherry

*Loose Leaf Tea Selections:  

  • Blueberry Jasmine (green tea)

  • Brewed Awakening (green/oolong/coffee)

  • Bright Eyed (herbal)

  • Butterfly Pea Lemongrass (herbal)

  • Cinnamon Fig (black tea)

  • Citrus Ginger (green tea)

  • Chaga Chicory (herbal)

  • Chocolate Monkey (rooibos)

  • Classic Black (black tea)

  • Coconut Cacao (pu-erh)

  • Earl Grey Creme (black tea)

  • Egyptian Chamomile (herbal)

  • Endurance (pu-erh)

  • English Breakfast (black tea)

  • Feel Better (rooibos)

  • French Lemon Ginger (rooibos)

  • Green Pomegranate (green tea)

  • Gunpwder Green (green tea)

  • Halo (flowering green tea)

  • Happy (green and guayusa tea)

  • Jasmine (green tea)

  • Lapsang Souchong (black tea)

  • Lemon Meringue (rooibos)

  • Makaibari Estate (oolong tea)

  • Mango (rooibos)

  • Masala Chai (black tea)

  • Matcha (green tea)

  • Peach (rooibos)

  • Peppermint (herbal)

  • Pineapple Passion (green tea)

  • Plum (oolong tea)

  • Throat Therapy (herbal)

  • Sencha (green tea)

  • Vanilla Berry Truffle (rooibos)

  • Velvet (rooibos)

  • White Coconut Creme (white tea)

We welcome phone-in orders. 
Call us at 231.843.2431
to place your order for in-store pick up. 

We welcome phone-in orders.
Unless otherwise noted, beverages available in 12 or 16 oz sizes.