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Our Passion

Every cup tells a story... the story of the human life who crafted each cup.  At HumaniTea, we value the stories that are poured into our products.  From loose leaf teas  to artisan gifts,

each product we offer honors the value of the life that created it. 

The problem of human trafficking is huge, the resources are slim, and the devastation is profound. The magnitude of the problem is almost paralyzing… where do you even begin?  We believe we begin with where we are and with what we have.  For us, that’s a dream and a tea shop … a place where we offer responsibly sourced products and reinvest dollars into changing the story of human trafficking.  Here, your dollars make a difference.  Here, your story intersects with the stories of others in our community and in our world.

So come.  Sit, sip, and relax.  Together, we can make a difference.        

Our Mission

HumaniTea exists to raise awareness and to generate funds for anti human trafficking efforts. 


Our teas are responsibly sourced and our hand-crafted gifts are either made by survivors or are from organizations that are part of the prevention process.  


Every purchase you make at HumaniTea helps us reinvest dollars into changing the story of human trafficking.  Together, we can make a difference
one cup,                                                                                 one story,             
                                                              one life at a time. 

Giving Back

HumaniTea reinvests dollars into changing the story of human trafficking.  We support Ludington-based human trafficking organization, Ziva Network.  Ziva Network exists to help those who have been impacted by human trafficking to RENEW | RESTORE | RADIATE.

Learn more by visiting 

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